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​​Chemical  Peels

60 mins $165.00 $225.00 

* Price includes a follow-up Post Peel Facial

(Discounts are available when you purchase a series of three or more treatments.)     

A chemical peel is a technique which involves the application of a variety of chemical solutions to remove the damaged outer layers from the skin’s surface.  It is extremely beneficial for many skin conditions such as hyperpigmentation, rosacea, acne, sun damage, and photo aging.  By removing the build-up of damaged cells and stimulating the regenerative process, you will notice marked improvements in the formation of wrinkles and fine lines, texture and tone of the skin, hydration, reduced pore size, clearing of blemishes and more balanced oil production and an overall healthier skin appearance​.  Treatment procedures are considered superficial; they do not penetrate beyond the epidermis or papillary dermis with mild exfoliation of the skin and cumulative effects. 
Your treatment is customized to your particular skin type and condition. After your initial consultation, we will assess your most effective treatment plan.
For best results, a series of three to six treatments should be performed one to two weeks apart.

Progressive Peels

~ $165.00

This refers to a treatment that does not usually cause immediate exfoliation and only removes the outer layer of skin or the stratum corneum.  As treatments are repeated, the skin will experience a mild sloughing.
Mid-Depth Peels

~ $225.00
These peels affect the intra-epidermal layer, and exfoliation occurs within two to three days after application.  The skin goes through very little down time.  Peeling consists of light flaking similar to a sunburn peel.

The peeling solution can feel very warm, tingly, itchy and hot.  The intensity varies depending on the strength of the peel.
After your Peel treatment, the skin may be red and feel tight and irritated like a sunburn or wind burn.  

The following days after your peel the skin can feel tight, dry and will flake and peel anywhere from 2 to 14 days depending on the depth of the peel.​

Post Peel Home Care Kit
~ $80.00 + tx
There are specific instructions to be followed after your skin peel – this is as important as the peel itself. 

You are required to purchase the Post Peel Home Care Kit..

Post care will include occlusive healing balms, epidermal growth factor (cell renewal and wound repair), calming, soothing topicals

to reduce itching and inflammation, and always sunscreen!
When the skin peel is completed and your professional esthetician has determined the skin is healed, daily skin care is essential.  The most important part of a home care routine is a cleanser and a sunblock.  Next in importance is a supportive cell rejuvenator. 


(premature peeling may damage skin and cause hyperpigmentation)
NO Vigorous exercise
AVOID Sun exposure (at least 2 full weeks)
AVOID Steam baths, hot yoga, and Sauna (first 3 days)
NO Using scrubs or exfoliants


40 mins ~$75.00

Post care following any corrective peel procedure is essential - assuring proper cell renewal, aiding with wound repair, and reducing skin irritations. Fortified with antioxidants, to soothe, and nourish the skin.
Post Peel Follow Up inspires healthy DNA and enhances mitochondrial ability, providing skin with the natural healing elements of papaya and aloe vera.

A post care visit is recommended one week following the peel. In some cases, 10 days to two weeks may be appropriate depending on the type of peel, peel intensity, and type of client care program.