How to prepare for your eyelash appointment

The procedure is easy and painless—to make it go even smoother, follow these tips before your extension appointment:

  • Patch testing is recommended on all new clients. Patch testing involve placing a small drop of adhesive bond behind your ear. If the skin becomes irritated, unfortunately you are not a candidate for eyelash extensions.
  • Fresh face

It is important to arrive to the appointment with your lashes as clean and dry as possible to help the adhesive bond correctly.  Arrive to the appointment with no eye makeup or eye creams.  You don’t want anything to affect the bonding of each false lash to your natural lash.
Disclose any allergies you may have, or any other eye conditions you are aware of.

  • Come clean

Shower and/or wash your face prior to your appointment. Eliminating any unnecessary contact with water or steam within the first 24 hours of having lash extensions will insure that the bond between the semi permanent lashes and your natural lashes can properly set.

  • Remove contacts

To avoid any discomfort, it is always suggested that contacts lenses are removed prior to your appointment, allowing your eyes to be comfortable in a natural and rested state during your application.

Eyelash Extensions

"The eyes are the window to your soul" - William Shakespeare

These state-of-the-art lash extensions are synthetic lashes bonded to the natural lash on a lash-by-lash basis using physician-formulated, medical-grade adhesives. Since eyelashes define the eye’s natural allure and beauty at the lash line, NovaLash Eyelash Extensions act to beautifully enhance the length, fullness and color of natural lashes.  NovaLash is the leader in the field of eyelash extensions and is committed to providing safe, beautiful, flawless eyelash extensions to enhance any woman’s natural beauty.

  •  Full Top Eyelash Extensions - 2 hrs treatment                                    $250.00
  •  Touch-up appointment: 2 weeks (60 mins)                                        $65.00
  •  Touch-up appointment: 3 weeks  (90 mins)                                       $75.00
  •  Touch-up appointment: 4 weeks (120 mins)                                       $95.00
  •  Candied Lashes - A Novalash sweet treat for your lashes. Add some glimmer to your already fabulous lash extensions with these hand dipped, freeze dried, crystallized glitter extensions.                                                              $50.00


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