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We use a hard wax and smooth creamy soft wax designed for all skin types hair removal. Hard wax are cruelty-free and free of parabens, PABA, alcohol, sodium lauryl sulfate and formaldehyde, created for the most sensitive skin. We provide a clean and comfortable atmosphere and offer a wide range of waxing services.

Waxing regularly promotes slower and lighter hair growth.

      Hair Removal - Waxing Services for WOMEN

  • Eyebrows                                 $25.00
  • Upper lip                                  $15.00
  • Chin                                        $20.00
  • Eyebrows and upper lip             $35.00
  • Underarms                               $35.00
  • Arms - Half                              $35.00
  • Arms - Full                               $55.00
  • Legs - Half                               $55.00
  • Legs - Full                                $85.00
  • Bikini                                       $45.00

​       Removes the pubic hair, creating a cleaner hair line that is visible

       while wearing a bikini or underwear

  • Brazilian (exclusively for women) $75.00

​​      All of your pubic hair is removed, front and back including the hair

      around the very sensitive skin 

​Please be advised that we cannot perform any waxing services on clients who are being treated with Retin-A, Antibiotics, Renova or other strong exfoliates like glycolic acid products Accutane (oral or topical acne medication or if you are using over the counter acne medication), products containing Alpha Hydroxy, Tetracycline or any other skin thinning treatments, if you are taking blood thinners.

No waxing on sunburned skin.

If you have Diabetes, you should have a written release from your physician stating that in his/her opinion, is it safe for you to have body waxing performed.